Vienna, June 14, 2017

Architecture Prize "Schorsch" of MA 19 for Housing Mühlgrund


Birmingham, May 2017

                             Architecture Award 2017 "Innovation in Residential Architecture" for NERMA LINSBERGER ZTGMBH

Los Angeles, May 2017

NERMA LINSBERGER ZTGMBH was awarded with Second Prize in Architecture Categories for the SAKURA Social Housing Brünner Straße!

Frankfurt am Main, May 2017

SAKURA is nominated for German Design Award 2018!

Wohnen am Mühlgrund, March 2017

 Michael Pech über MÜHLGRUND - BKK Zeitschrift für Wohnbauförderung

New York, March 2017

          Mühlgrund is an finalist in the Architecture+Low Cost Housing category!

Los Angeles, USA March 2017

The American Architecture Prize Celebrates Women in Architecture!architectureprize.aap-celebrates-women-architecture

Los Angeles, USA February 2017

SAKURA Social Housing on Brünner Straße in THE AMERICAN ARCHITECTURE PRIZE 2016 winners book!

February 2017

Social housing Mühlgrund has been featured on ArchDaily!

February 2017

Our  Project  SAKURA   has been published in the last 10 days all over the world and we are very happy about the recognition!Thanks to all the media listed above!